MSU Pays Homage to Tyler Trent

Austin McCoy, Writer

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Following Tuesday nights game against Purdue, Michigan State Spartans paid tribute to late Tyler Trent, who tragically lost a battle with bone cancer.

Former Purdue student and super fan Tyler Trent, age 20, lost his life on January 1, 2019, due to a rare bone cancer that he was diagnosed with at the age of 15. Trent’s powerful quotes, and great, positive attitude inspired multiple people across the nation. “Nobody knows the amount of days we have left. Some could say we are all in hospice to a certain degree. So why don’t we act like it? Where is your gratitude?” Trent wrote in a column for IndyStar. Many people took his quotes to inspiration and used them to carry on fighting alongside Trent.

On January 8, 2019, the Michigan State Spartans were scheduled to take on the Purdue Boilermakers. Prior to taking the court for pre-game warm-ups, the Michigan State Basketball team held a banner. The words “Tyler Strong” plastered on it, under a cancer ribbon. The players and coaches had the first opportunity of signing the banner, which was later held up in honor by State fans in the stands. Following pre-game warm-ups, fans also had a chance to sign the banner.

The Michigan State Basketball organization released a statement prior to the game, “In remembrance of Tyler Trent, Michigan State will have a banner on the concourse outside of section 109 for fans to sign pregame. Before shoot-around, Coach Izzo and the team were the first to sign the banner,” MSU tweeted. Multiple people reached out to Izzo and the Spartans over social media about the banner. Purdue responded to the banner as basketball not just about a competitive game, but about your teammates and family. ”#B1G family. #TylerStrong / #BoilerUp” the Purdue Basketball program tweeted.

Many of the Purdue Basketball players, including members from the Purdue Football team, attended his funeral. “As we reflect on our family member, our friend, our teammate, captain, classmate, our cancer fighting warrior, most importantly tonight, we get to remember Tyler as a follower of Jesus,” said Purdue starting quarterback David Blough. Vice President, Mike Pence also reached out to the passing of Trent.

The players for each team will not remember this meeting as just a game, but as a tribute to the late Tyler Trent.