Editors In Opposition: The dark side of Baby it’s Cold Outside

Addison, News Editor

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Baby it’s cold outside, is a holiday classic hit. Many celebrities, from Idina Menzel to Seth Macfarlane and Sara Bareilles have covered the song that has long been a part of Christmas tradition for many.

Many agree that the song envelops a tone of sexual assault.

Take a look at the lyrics:

“I really can’t stay (but baby, it’s cold outside)

I’ve got to go away (but baby, it’s cold outside),”

The girl in this scenario is saying she has to go home, and the man is creating a reason for her to stay with him:

“So really I’d better scurry (beautiful please don’t hurry)

But maybe just a half a drink more (put some records on while I pour),”

In this part of the song, she continues to plead with the man that she really must be going but she is talked into staying for a few minutes more. Also, the idea that he’s having her put on records while he pours her drink, implies that he could be slipping something into her drink:

“The neighbors might think (baby, it’s bad out there)

Say what’s in this drink? (no cabs to be had out there).”

In this fragment of the song, she is questioning what is in the drink that he poured for her, and he simply responds with the fact that she cannot leave because there is no readily available transportation.

The song appropriated a rape culture in which men were allowed to dictate what happens to women.

It is believed by some, that this song enforces the idea that “no doesn’t really mean no” when it comes to a woman responding to men’s advances. While this may not have been the original intent of the song creator, in the 21st century with the #Metoo movement affecting more and more men accused of sexual assault, the lyrics are distasteful in this time.


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