The Off-Season

Samara Trout, Writer

Many athletes have an off-season, or a time of year when they don’t have a sport taking place. An off-season, for some athletes, is a break used to optimize skill level or to be prepared for their upcoming sport. Others just enjoy the break while they have it before their next demanding season arrives.

Athletes’ off-season training routines can range from soccer players playing any small pickup games during the week to golfers meeting up with a coach or trainer once a week to “perfect their swing.” Other athletes might go the extra mile and make the most of this time and do more demanding workouts such as scheduled daily workouts.

Freshman Allison Doneth, a varsity cross country runner and soon-to-be track member, takes this break very seriously and pushes herself to excel her talent as runner. “The time between track and cross country is, for me, the time where you can grow the most, and make the biggest jumps in your practicing to get better,” said Doneth. She believes that the off-season is the make-it or break-it mark.

Many sport medicine doctors think that the importance of an off-season is for an athlete to adequately rest first, then to continue the journey of becoming a stronger athlete. “You need to take some time to re-energize and the best way to do that is to take a break from your sport. You may feel a break will set you back a bit or allow other athletes to leave you behind. Actually, the opposite is true. A slight break gives you time to recover mentally and physically from the long season, give you a better perspective on how to improve and help re-ignite that passion you have to compete,” Patrick Cohn wrote in blog for Peak Performance Sports.

Another athlete at MHS is freshman Grace Halstead. She believes in the significance of rest but also making sure to stay fit for an upcoming season. Halstead does not drill in workouts but still stays fit for her season.  “I usually just work out to prepare for next season I’ll take day of off every now and then, but otherwise I’m just staying in shape,” said Halstead.

What takes place during an athlete’s off-season varies but time will tell if how they prepared has affected them in the long-run.