Creed II Review

Stephen, Writer

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         The Rocky films have always been something special. They all have a lead role played by Sylvester Stallone as a fictional legendary boxer, the heavyweight champion of the world throughout the 1970’s and the 1980’s. He is known in these films as Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion. After the 1976 success of the first Rocky film titled “Rocky”, six more films succeeded from 1979 to 2006. The first four films included the Character named Apollo Creed played by Carl Weathers. He was Rocky’s main opponent in the first two films. By the time “Rocky IV” was released in 1985, Apollo is killed in an exhibition match against a Russian contender by the name of Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren. And this is the main lead up to the brand new Creed II film.

         A movie titled Creed was released in 2015. It was a spinoff film from the main Rocky series. It focuses on Apollo Creed’s son named Adonis Creed who is played by Michael B. Jordan. Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as Rocky Balboa to help train Adonis as a boxer and live in his father’s great name. The film was a huge success, so Stallone wrote a script for a second Creed film to be released in 2018.


        The film itself was amazing. This film focuses on Adonis fighting the son of Ivan Drago by the name of Viktor Drago played by Florian Munteanu. The whole idea of it is amazing. Ivan Drago killed Adonis’s father Apollo back in 1985. At this time, Adonis is the current heavyweight champion and is being called out by Viktor to fight. The tensions rise between the two, and from appearance, Viktor seems to be the tougher opponent. The film focuses on more than just the boxing aspect, it is also a lot about family, loss, motivation, legacy, and the emotional relationship between Adonis and Rocky when they don’t see eye to eye on the fight against Viktor and Adonis for the first time. Another emotional relationship, is between the antagonists of Viktor and his father Ivan. When Ivan lost against Rocky in 1985, his family name lost all respect. This writing causes the audience to feel sorrow for the family. Adonis has new challenges to tackle not only in the ring, but with his personal life back at home that make for an amazingly well told emotional story. The final fight sequence is so well put together and keeps you captivated. The ending of the film is amazing, it has two separate stories at the ending that make it satisfying to end on.

       As the story lines have always been loved created by Sylvester Stallone so long ago, it is hard to see it end, but people do not stop getting any older. Stallone has been Rocky Balboa for 42 years now and has never disappointed. His storytelling is incredible, and Creed II continues a great legacy from his mind. The film is heart pumping and really well done. An excellent film as a runner up to the 2015 film and a second part to the original Rocky IV story.