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Mumford and Sons, a British band that originated in 2007, kicked off their growing career with the 2009 album Sigh No More, which featured their traditional folk style of music. The band continued with banjos and traditional instruments in their next and arguably most widely known album, Babel, which was released in 2012. After a small break, Mumford and Sons ditched their traditional instruments and took on a new, electric sound with the 2015 album, Wilder Mind. The band received an uproar of backlash over the new sound, listeners wanting the banjos, pianos and acoustic guitar back, while others appreciated the change in pace. The band took into consideration both the complaints and praise with their newest album Delta. Leaving room for their fresh sound with songs like Rose of Sharon and Slip Away, while making sure older listeners were brought the traditional instruments in songs like October Skies and Beloved. A diverse sound contained in each song allows listeners to never get bored of the album. The band kicked off their new tour in Europe, visiting familiar faces and towns where they originated from. Now travelling the states Mumford and Sons will be in Michigan on March 27, performing at Little Caesars Arena. Mumford and Sons current song lineup brings forth new music, classic old songs and everything in between.