Volleyball Districts

Samara Trout, Writer

Mason’s girls’ varsity volleyball team has earned their spot as district champs. With their undefeated title this season, the idea of winning districts wasn’t farfetched. “I think it will be really exciting because we have to give everything we have at this point because any game could be our last,” senior Maureen St. Pierre said.

First they had to face Okemos, East Lansing, and Haslett to win districts. This was a big aspiration the team had in mind and they did not falter to accomplish it. They defeated their opponents with scores of 3-0. “I think it was a goal for every one of us to make it this far. It was really exciting to work as a team and accomplish that goal,” St. Pierre said.

Regionals are next for this team. Mattawan High School will be their next match. The team believes this will be their toughest battle yet. “They are ranked second in the state so it’s going to be a big game for us,” senior Bailee Crandall said. With the way they have proven to commit to their goals and play this season they have the chance to go even further this season.