Places to make big bucks


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Searching for jobs that hire under 18 can be a hassle. The minimum hiring age for most jobs is 16, but different jobs have varying age requirements. Take a look at these 10 jobs in the Ingham County area that hire under 18 years old.

Mason’s very own Taco Bell is now open again and they hire 16 year olds.  Wages range from $7.59-$13.50 an hour. Taco Bell is an easy and fun way to get out and make some money, “It can be difficult sometimes, but you gotta go through it,” senior Emillie Mackley said. Mackley also says her favorite part about working at Taco Bell is, “making food and meeting new customers”.

Another well known fast food restaurant in Mason is Arby’s. The environment at Arby’s is described as “a true meaning of family and friends” and “wonderful” on the company’s review page. Arby’s hires as young as 15 years old and pays $8.07-10.47 an hour.

Big Boy, in Mason, hires students at 16 and pays employees $8.17-13.25. At Big Boy, there is always something to do as senior Anika Ried states, “There’s a lot of people there all the time and it’s very social”. When working at Big Boy, one also receives employee discounts, “and you get free pop”, Ried said.

Bob Evans is a family style restaurant. It is located in Lansing as well and hires at 16. Bob Evans pays employees $9.25-10.32 an hour. Bob Evans is a great known place to start a career.

A job outside of the food industry is Home Goods. Located in Lansing, Home Goods hires people at 16 years old and pays $11.34-14.87 an hour. Home Goods is described by former employees as a good time and a great learning experience for future jobs.

JCPenney is a retail store in the Meridian Mall, of Okemos, and the Lansing Mall. JCPenney is described as a very comfortable and understanding environment. The hiring age at JCPenney is 16 and the pay is $8.07-16.53 per hour.

In Okemos, at the Meridian Mall, Spirit Halloween hires employees at 16 years old and pays $9.25-11.92. Working at Spirit Halloween would be a spooktacular experience!

Jumping back into the food industry, Noodles and Company, also located in Okemos, hires at 16 with pay of $10.18-16.26 an hour. Senior Mae Fatheree states, “It’s kind of tedious but it pays me better than my last job so I’m not mad at it”. Fatheree also says, “It’s closer and the job isn’t too bad”.

Auntie Anne’s is a small food cart in the Meridian Mall. At Auntie Anne’s, one can be hired at 16 years old and make $9.25-10.32 an hour. This job is described as a relaxed and laid back experience.

Chick-fil-A, in Okemos, is a great first job as it is described as a good way to improve communication and problem solving skills. Chick-fil-A hires at 16 years old and pays $9.25-10.32.

There are many job options for eager and committed teens right here in Mason or just a short drive away to Okemos. Whether one is searching for a nice, relaxing environment or just a place that pays the most money, it exists. With these ten jobs in mind, find a perfect job and apply today!