2018 Midterm Elections

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2018 Midterm Elections

Gwyneth Zamora, Reporter

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The 2018 midterm election highlighting an abundance of senatorial, states and local primaries will round off with the November 6 general election to decide whether the Republicans can keep their grasp on the legislative branch or Democrats will acquire control of the Congress.

So far in the race Republicans is on the lead with 51 seats, Democrats would need to control more than 50 seats to win the senate.

In addition, an open seat in the Senate for the government has drawn the attention of candidates from Michigan, especially U.S Democratic Senate candidate Debbie Stabenow.

Stabenow is sustaining a double-digit lead over Republican opponent John James, having 53% of support compared to 36% for James.

However, the results were changed when James starts gaining momentum in Michigan, as the current polls shows the political novice cutting Stabenow once protected lead in half.

“He’s a star, an absolute star,” said Jake Davison, editor of Inside Michigan Politics in Fox News. “He has the base really fired up.”

But his proposal continue to drift. Despite the compliment for James, Davison argued he has no chance of beating Stabenow.

“She just doesn’t make any mistakes and that is why she wins,” said Davison in Fox News. “She is a machine.”

The midterm polls continues to show a stable Republican dominance in the race for Senate authority. If Republicans can keep or expand their 51-49 Senate majority, it has a massive risk for President Donald Trump consecutive effort to approve conservative authorities.

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