A Memorable Touchdown

A Memorable Touchdown

Gwyneth Zamora, Reporter

At the end of Masons game against Muskegon Orchard View, Mason football coach, Gary Houghton was met with a request following to Friday’s game to help generate a special moment for Muskegon Orchard View senior, Fletcher Payne a student with special needs score a touchdown.

This isn’t the first time Houghton has been involved in something similar to this. A few years back, Houghton remembered the moment where Dewitt’s football team helped Jay Granger, a former member of the Mason football team, score a touchdown. He thought that was one of the coolest thing he had ever been a part of and he wanted to do it for someone else.

“When we got an opportunity to do it, I jumped on it.” Houghton said in the Lansing State Journal “I knew this could be good for our kids. It was going to be good for this young man and good for their community. With those types of things, everybody wins.”

Orchard View was very grateful of the actions by the Mason players and staffs, especially Payne’s father who is also a part of the coaching staff for the Cardinals.

In addition, freshman Haley Clark thought that this was such an inspirational moment for her and for others. “This is very memorable for us because it gives us a lasting positive impression that we could actually take in and do.” Clark said.

Houghton believes that High School football isn’t just about making it to the next round. It’s about making a difference that could impact the people to do the same.