The Best Local Places to Take Your Senior Pictures


Nicolette T, Writer

Taking senior pictures might just be the most important pictures ever taken in one’s life. Not only will their personality and their momentous style stand out, but also with having a forever saved memory lock into their pictures with either a portrait or yearbook will be earth shattering.

Now where can you take your senior pictures? Students graduating in the class of 2019 can decide where they would prefer to take their photos and take them there with a hired professional photographer or not. For example, near parks, river walks, train tracks, or gardens would be the best for someone who enjoys the outside view of nature. In Michigan, students could check out places such as; Mount Pleasant, the Detroit Riverwalk, Nichols Arboretum, Holland, and the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Students could also just check out other places near them that would be just as beautiful as the ones listed.

If a student wanted to opt out of the traditional athletic and nature photos, towns with art and graffiti might be a good option. Students with a love for their car can take the route of having their vehicle against a backdrop containing such art, to give an urban, artsy vibe.. Downtown Lansing or Dexter offers many different options for graffiti and cityscapes, while Okemos Studio of Photography can offer great portraits.

A common problem found with many high schoolers is money, but there are always other options than traditional professionals such as having family or a friend take them in places like your school or even in your backyard you can find a great backdrop. To be clearer, a student can even go to the school they attend to take their senior pictures, and have a friend or family help them take their pictures there. An option for athletes may be to throw on their uniform and strike a pose on their home turf. The football stadium, soccer fields, and other sections of Mason’s sports complex offer a great place to show off a student’s school spirit. Even students who don’t play sports, but wish to show their school pride could as well.

Senior pictures are very hard to decide upon, but that does not stop a senior from getting them taken professionally and turning them into the school yearbook. So seniors of MHS make sure you get your pictures into the counseling for the yearbook beforehand! Keep in mind to also make this year the best of the last. It will be a countable memory that will never be forgotten.