Going Long


Samara Trout, Writer

The ultimate challenge of all distance runners is the daunting task of completing a marathon. Enduring this challenge can make or break even the best runner. Mason High School has 38 cross country runners. The challenge of going from 3.1 miles to enduring 26.2 might seem farfetched for anyone, let alone high schoolers. Could anyone endure that many miles of perseverance, determination, immense exertion, and much more? The Kenyan Olympian Eliud Kipchoge did just that. Known for his silver and bronze victories in the 5000 meter Olympic race and his ample success of a marathon career. Now something even greater, he holds the title of a record breaking, jaw-dropping time of 2:01:39 at the annual Berlin marathon that took place on September 16, 2018.

Current high school runners are the next generation to push the boundaries and records currently being set. Do they see themselves breaking records like Kipchoge and going long?

“I don’t see myself running a marathon but to believe that times like his exist are absolutely insane,” sophomore, Brenna Ackley said.

Teacher and marathon enthusiast, Andrew Chapin has ran ten marathons so far and plans to run many more offered his thoughts on what marathons are to him and how this record affects young runners.

“I think it’s inspiring to all runners because whenever a record is broken, a record that’s been out there for a while, I think it’s neat for everybody to see, hey, you can achieve this. It may seem impossible but someone is going to break the two hour mark,” Chapin said.

Chapin believes that someone will break this record and go long. “That’s how people are wired. They see a record and they want to go for it, they’re going to go for it. They’re going to train harder, eat healthier and be more mentally prepared. Someone eventually is going to do it. It might not be soon but someone is going to come around and do it. They’re for sure going to gun for it, they want it.”

Despite the challenge of a marathon thousands continue to race. They jump this hurdle and go long.


The image shows Cross country runners Lucy Petee and Lauren Sinnaeve crossing the finish line.